“TripFiddle” Makes Trip Planning, Sharing, and Collaborating Becomes Easier

Last updated: 23th Nov, 2016

Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R., November 23, 2016 - TripFiddle (http://tripfiddle.net), a new trip planning tool specializing in Frequent Individual Traveler and Travel Agency purpose launched today, facing to the huge market: United States with 77.5 millions of international tourist arrivals.

TripFiddle was founded with five passionate travelers. Every time they plan their itineraries, they have become frustrated with these complex regulations. Additionally, there is no efficient and effective way to plan a trip. It is the fundamental principal of TripFiddle: to provide an easy-to-use travel places search, share, and collaboration. With TripFiddle, traveler can search and add places to itinerary in easy steps. During itinerary editing, traveler can share and collaborate to communicate with other travelers.

Since closing the initial beta launch, TripFiddle has received many feedback from many users. Several of those customers, have mentioned TripFiddle as the best planning tool ever presented to them, and the most valuable service ever offered for future traveling. The team members make this happens because: trip planning, sharing, and collaborating becomes easier.

"That's why we designed TripFiddle, as an efficient and effective way to plan the trip. Travelers could search from many amazing places, share trip ideas, and collaborate their itineraries with friends. We help solve the problems of trip planning and help people find their future destinations," said Dingjie Zhu, CEO & founder of TripFiddle.

Please visit TripFiddle at http://tripfiddle.net

Download more Press Materials at http://tripfiddle.net/download/20161122.zip

About TripFiddle:
TripFiddle is an internet travel service based in Hong Kong. The web start-up, founded in 2014 with five travel-lovers. They have over ten years of experience in travel, design, business and technology experience. The target audiences of TripFiddle is the people who love discovering the New World. This team believe that travel can bring love and peace.
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